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The Islamic World
The Islamic World

Khalifa Uthman bin Affan - 'Ammar bin Yaris

'Ammar b Yasir and Uthman
'Ammar b Yasir is one of the companions of the Holy Prophet who is regarded as a critic of Uthman. Whatever accounts have come down to us are too biased and prejudiced to be reliable. 'Ammar s father Yasir belonged to Yemen. He migrated to Makka, and became attached to the Bani Makhzum section of the Quraish. Ammar's mother Samia served as a maid. 'Ammar accepted Islam at an early age. At his instance his father and mother also accepted Islam. As the family was poor, and had few social contacts in Makkah they were persecuted by the Quraish for their acceptance of Islam. 'Ammar was made to lie on burning sand, and was required to recant from Islam on pain of death 'Ammar, however, remained firm in his faith It is reported that the Holy Prophet accompanied by Uthman often visited 'Ammar when he was being persecuted by the Quraish and advised him to be patient. 'Ammar migrated to Abyssinia, and there are grounds to believe that in Abyssinia, Uthman materially helped 'Amman Later like other Muslims, 'Ammar migrated to Madina. In the building of the Prophet's mosque at Madina, 'Ammar carried double the number of bricks as compared with other Muslims. This was much appreciated by the Holy Prophet. 'Ammar took part in all the battles fought during the time of the Holy Prophet.

After the Holy Prophet
After the death of the Holy Prophet, 'Ammar took part in the apostasy campaigns during the time of Abu Bakr. In the battle of Yamama against the false prophet Musailma when the Muslims began to waver under the pressure of the enemy, 'Ammar mounted a hillock and summoned the Muslims to him. That proved to be a turning point in battle, and the battle ended in victory for the Muslims. When Umar became the Caliph, he appointed 'Ammar b Yasir as the governor of Kufa. He could not hold the office for long and Umar soon deposed him. It is related that when Umar met 'Ammar after his deposition he asked him about his reaction to such deposition he said that he was neither happy when he was appointed as the Governor nor was he happy when he was deposed.


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