Khalifa Uthman bin Affan - Abu Dhar and Amir Muawiyah

Khalifa Uthman bin Affan - Abu Dhar and Amir Muawiyah

During the times of Abu Bakr and Umar, Abu Dhar Ghifari did not have much to criticize. When Uthman came to office, the people progressively took to a luxurious way of life, and this became a matter of great criticism with Abu Dhar Ghifari. He vehemently denounced the palaces, the expensive costumes, the rich dishes, and the luxurious indulgences of Amir Muawiyah and his court. He thundered, "The gold and silver that you hoard would be heated red one day in the fire of hell, and struck against your forehead." He cursed those who hoarded wealth. He wanted the rich people to distribute all their surplus wealth among the poor. He held that one should have only as much money which was just enough for one day's bread. On the same analogy he advocated that nothing should be kept in the Baitul Mal and all that was there should be distributed among the people. The doctrine preached by him that no one should possess more money than what was sufficient for a day's expense appealed to the common man. Large groups assembled round him and listened to his preaching.

Amir Muawiyah saw Abu Dhar Ghifari, and brought home to him the point that the doctrine preached by him was unpractical and dangerous. He argued that the Baitul Mal belonged to Allah, and money had to be kept for use in the way of Allah from time to time. Abu Dhar stuck to his own way of thinking and vehemently urged that the Baitul Mal was not the property of Allah, it was the property of the Muslims and should be distributed among them.

One day Amir Muawiyah sent a purse containing one thousand diners. Abu Dhar distributed the amount among the poor immediately. When Amir Muawiyah came to know that Abu Dhar Ghifari had kept nothing for himself and had distributed the entire amount among the poor, he felt much concerned, for Abu Dhar Ghifari actually practiced what he preached, and as such his preaching would be a source of danger to the State. Amir Muawiyah brought the matter to the notice of Uthman, and Uthman directed Amir Muawiyah to send Abu Dhar Ghifari to Madinah. Amir Muawiyah accordingly sent Abu Dhar Ghifari to Madinah.