Who are uncles of Prophet Muhammad?

Who are uncles of Prophet Muhammad?

The Prophet's paternal uncles are the offspring of ‘Abdul-Mutallib ibn Hashim. These are:

Abu Talib. His mother was Fatima al-Quraishiya daughter of ‘Amr ibn Makhzum. She was the mother of the Prophet's father ‘Abdullah and also the mother of Zubair and of all daughters of ‘Abdul-Mutallib. Called “al-Mumalliq’, he undertook the guardianship of the Prophet (s.a.w). He was son of ‘Abdul-Mutallib.

Al-’Abbas ibn ‘Abdul-Mutallib (567 - 655 A.D.). He left behind him offspring, and he used to be called “Abul-Fal’ (father of al-Fal). His mother was called “Umm irar’. He was older than the Messenger of Allah (s.a.w). He was born 30 year before the Year of the Elephant. His mother's full name was: Qubaila daughter of Hyyan ibn Kulaib ibn ‘Amr ibn ‘amir ibn Sa’d ibn Khazraj ibn Taim ibn Allat ibn An-Nimr ibn Qasi ibn Haib ibn Quayy ibn Da’mi ibn Judailah ibn Asad ibn Rabi’ah al-Faras ibn Nizar ibn Ma’add ibn ‘Adnan. Al-’Abbas was three years older than the Prophet of Allah (s.a.w). The Messenger of Allah (s.a.w) loved his uncle ‘Abbas and held him in high esteem.

While in Mecca with the idol-worshipers, ‘Abbas kept his faith secret, but he joined the ‘Aqaba group in swearing the oath of allegiance to the Messenger of Allah (s.a.w). When Mecca was conquered by the Muslims (630 A.D.), ‘Abbas openly declared his belief in Islam and took part in the battles of Hunain, a-a'if and Tabuk. Chivalrous and noble, he stood by the Blessed One in the Battle of unain, holding the reins of the Prophet's mule, demonstrating the zenith of steadfastness and courage. During his caliphate, ‘’Omar ibn al-Khaab placed him in charge of water provisions which, till then, had been the task of his brother, Abu Talib. ‘Abbas spent 56 years of his life during the pre-Islamic period of jahiliyya, ignorance, and 32 years in Islam. Every time ‘’Omar ibn al-Khaab and ‘Uthman ibn ‘Affan came across him during their caliphate, they paid him their profound respect.

Hamzah (566 - 625 A.D.). His father was ‘Abdul-Mutallib and his mother Hala daughter of Uhaib ibn ‘Abd Manaf ibn Zuhrah ibn Kilab. Hamzah was nicknamed “Abu Ya’li’ and also “Abu ‘Ammar’. He was four years older than the Messenger of Allah (s.a.w). Through him, Allah strengthened Islam when he accepted the faith. He declared his faith in the second year of the revelation (611 A.D.). However, it is also said that he embraced Islam in the sixth year of the Blessed Prophet's calling (616 A.D.). Ibn ‘Abd al-Bar says, “I do not think it is correct that he was four years older than the Messenger of Allah (s.a.w) (i.e. born in 568 A.D.) because he was his foster brother. They were both breast-fed by Thawbiyya, a bondmaid of Abu Lahab, who did not live long to be a Muslim except that she might have breast-fed them during two different periods.’

It is also said that Hamzah was only two years older than the Messenger of Allah (s.a.w) (i.e. born in 568 A.D.). He took part in the Battle of Badr (624 A.D.) and was graced by Allah for his good performance that made him become a hero. He killed ‘Uqbah ibn Rabi’ah in a duel, but it is also said that he killed Shaibah and Tu’mah ibn ‘Udayy, both of whom he killed in a duel. It is also said that he killed aba ibn al-Khuza’i, but some say he killed him during the Battle of Uud before he himself was killed. In the Battle of Uhud (625 A.D.), Hamzah was martyred at the hands of Washi ibn Harb, the Ethiopian slave of Jubair ibn Mu’im ibn ‘Udayy whose uncle, u’mah ibn ‘Udayy, Hamzah had killed.

Washi killed amzah according to his master's orders. It is also said that lying in ambush for amzah, Washi attacked him with a spear and pierced it all through him, causing him a quick death. May Allah be pleased with amzah. As soon as he was martyred, Hind daughter of ‘Utbah ibn Rabi’ah had sworn to seek revenge on Hamzah because, some say, he had killed her father during the Battle of Badr. She promised to emancipate Washi if he would kill amzah. Once amzah was killed, she went to his corpse and chewed his liver then mutilated his body. amzah was shrouded in a gown then buried after the Messenger of Allah had prayed seventy time for him as he lied in state with other martyrs.

‘Abd al-Ka’ba. His father was ‘Abdul-Mutallib. There are some scholars who omit ‘Abd al-Ka’ba's name, saying that he and al-Muqawwim were one and the same person.

Hajal (or Hijl). His real name was Mughirah, and he had no children. His father was ‘Abdul-Mutallib, and his mother was also the mother of Hamzah.

Qatham ibn ‘Abdul-Mutallib. His mother was Umm al-arith and his father ‘Abdul-Mutallib. He died young.

Al-Harith ibn ‘Abdul-Mutallib. Al-arith had children. His mother was Samra' daughter of Jundab ibn Hujair ibn Ri'ab ibn Surat ibn ‘amir ibn a’a’ah ibn Qais ibn ‘Abdul-Mutallib. His father got his nickname “Mutallib’ because of him. Together they dug the well of Zamzam.

Az-Zubair ibn ‘Abdul-Mutallib. He is known by his nickname “Abu ahir’; he left no children behind. His father was ‘Abdul-Mutallib ibn Hashim.

Dirar ibn ‘Abdul-Mutallib. He left no descendants. When he lost his way during a pilgrimage season, causing his mother to almost lose her mind fearing for his life, she made an oath to clothe the Ka’ba if Allah returned him to her, and a man of Jutham brought him back.

Al-Muqawwim. His father was ‘Abdul-Mutallib.

Al-Ghaidaq. His father was ‘Abdul-Mutallib. Some scholars omit al-Ghaidaq's name, saying that he was none other than Hajal (or Hijl). In either case, he left no offspring. Some say that al-Ghaidaq's real name was Nawfal.

Abu Lahab, nicknamed “‘Abd al-’Uzza’, ibn ‘Abdul-Mutallib. His father was ‘Abdul-Mutallib and his mother was Lubna daughter of Hajar ibn ‘Abd Manaf ibn Shair ibn Habshah ibn Sallul ibn Ka’b ibn ‘Amr al-Khuza’i. Abu Lahab died an apostate and was one of the most hostile of all enemies of the Prophet (s.a.w).