Khalifa Uthman bin Affan - Talha bin Ubaidullah

Khalifa Uthman bin Affan - Talha bin Ubaidullah

Early life
Talha b Ubaidullah belonged to the Taym section of the Quraish. He was closely related to Abu Bakr. He became a Muslim at the young age of fifteen, and was among the early Muslim converts. He migrated to Madina in 622 C.E., along with the family of Abu Bakr.

He played an important part in the battle of Uhud. He received numerous wounds in his effort to save the Holy Prophet. He pulled the Holy Prophet from the ditch in which he had fallen. He was also very active in the battle of the Trench. He was one of the persons to whom Holy Prophet had given the tidings of paradise. He was one of the six members of the board which had been constituted by Umar to choose his successor.

Uthman and Talha
At the time of the death of Umar, Talha was out of Madina. When he returned to Madina, the oath of allegiance had been taken to Uthman. Talha felt annoyed that the new Caliph had been elected in his absence. He showed some hesitation in offering allegiance to Uthman, but Uthman placated him and he offered allegiance to Uthman. It is reported that Talha owed some money to Uthman, and Uthman gifted the money to him. According to some of the accounts that have come down to us, it appears that on another occasion Uthman made a liberal gift to Talha out of the Baitul Mall

Full details of such gift are not available. Talha was a rich trader, and there could be no occasion for making a gift to him from the Baitul Mall Most probably the story of a gift to Talha out of the Baitul Mal is a fiction which has no foundation in fact. Talha may have obtained some loan from the Baitul Mal for business purposes and would have returned it.

Siege of Uthman and Talha
It appears that later some differences arose between Uthman and Talha. and Talha supported the rioters. It is reported that one day during the course of the siege, Uthman called out to the rioters and said, "Is Talha among you." Talha was present among the rioters but he did not respond to the call. When Uthman repeated the call for the third time, Talha responded to the call. Thereupon Othrnan said, "I did not expect that you would be among the rioters, and would not respond to my call." Uthman then asked Talha to recall that once when they were alone with the Holy Prophet, the Holy Prophet had said, "Uthman will be my companion in the paradise." Talha corroborated that what Uthman had said was correct. Thereupon he left the company of the rioters and went home.