Khalifa Uthman bin Affan - Agitation Against Uthman: Abdullah b Masud

Khalifa Uthman bin Affan - Agitation Against Uthman: Abdullah b Masud

Early Life
Abdullah b Masud was an eminent companion of the Holy Prophet. He was among the early converts to Islam. He migrated to Abyssinia and was supported there by Uthman. On return from Abyssinia he migrated to Madinah. He entered into brotherhood with Muadh b Jabal of the Ansars. He participated in all the campaigns undertaken by the Holy Prophet. On the occasion of the battle of Badr, he had the distinction of cutting off the head of Abu Jahl the arch enemy of Islam. In Madinah he became an attendant of the Holy Prophet. Whenever the Holy Prophet came to the mosque Abdullah b Masud held his shoes. On Fridays' Abdullah b Masud while reading the Holy Prophet to the pulpit carried his scepter in front of him.

After the death of the Holy Prophet
After the death of the Holy Prophet, Abdullah b Masud migrated to Syria and there participated in the various border campaigns against the Byzantines. During his caliphate, Umar appointed him as the Qadi and the treasurer of the Baitul Mal at Kufa. Abdullah b Masud was an authority on the Holy Quran, and at Kufa he established a school where he lectured on the Quran. He was scrupulously honest and enjoyed great fame as an eminent Muslim and a religious scholar.

Abdullah b Masud in Madinah
It is alleged that when Abdullah b Masud came to Madinah, he saw Uthman in the mosque. Some hot words were exchanged between the two, and Uthman had Abdullah b Masud expelled from the mosque. Uthman is further said to have stopped the stipend of Abdullah b Masud. It is further stated that Abdullah b Masud wanted to go to-Syria for undertaking Jihad, but Othrnan did not grant him the permission, Abdullah b Masud died in Madinah in 6 54 C.E. two years before the assassination of Uthman. According to one account when Abdullah b Masud fell sick, Uthman visited him and the two were reconciled. According to another account Abdullah b Masud died without being reconciled to Uthman.