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The Islamic World
The Islamic World

Khalifa Uthman bin Affan - Dhabi b Harith

When Walid b Uqba was the Governor of Kufa one Dhabi b Harith borrowed a hunting dog named "Qarhan" from an Ansari family. There was something extraordinary about the dog; it was an expert in the hunting of the deer. Dhabi wanted to purchase the dog but the owner of the dog refused to part with the dog for any consideration. On one pretext or the other Dhabi b Harith did not return the dog to the owner. That led to a dispute. Thereupon the Ansars took away the dog by force. Dhabi wrote some pungent verses satirizing the Ansars. The Ansars complained to Uthman. Uthman gave the verdict that satirizing the Ansars, whose services to Islam Allah Himself had appreciated, was a great sacrilege. Under the orders of Uthman, Dhabi b Harith was arrested and lodged in the jail at Kufa. Dhabi died in the jail. Thereupon his son Ummair b Dhabi vowed vengeance. He gathered a group of persons around him who had to complain of some wrong on the part of Government. One of such persons was Kammil b Ziyad who also smarted under some grievance against the Government. When Ibn Saba launched his subversive movement, Ummair and Kammil joined the movement, and carried on propaganda against Uthman and his Government. They preached the cult that as long as Uthman was the Caliph, the people could not expect any justice.


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