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The Islamic World
The Islamic World

Khalifa Uthman bin Affan - Agitation Against Uthman: Abu Dhar Ghifari

Abu Dhar Ghifari was an eminent companion of the Holy Prophet and was among the early converts to Islam. His original name was Jandab b Janadah, and he belonged to the Ghifari tribe who had their settlements between Makkah and Syria. The Ghifari tribe was converted to Islam through the efforts of Abu Dhar Ghifari. When the Holy Prophet migrated to Madina, Abu Dhar also came to Madina, and there devoted himself exclusively to prayers and religious meditation. He adopted a more or less ascetic way of life, shunned luxury, and stood for austerity. He is described as the first socialist in Islam. After the death of the Holy Prophet he went to Syria, and undertook Jihad. He was outspoken and he freely criticized the administration where he felt that there was anything wrong. The Holy Prophet said of him that nothing could deter him from speaking whatever he considered to be the truth.


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