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The Islamic World
The Islamic World

Khalifa Uthman bin Affan - Abdullah b Saba in Syria and Egypt

Abdullah b Saba in Syria
On expulsion from Kufa, Abdullah .) Saba came to Syria. Here he came across Abu Dhar Ghifari. Abu Dhar Ghifari was an eminent companion of the Holy Prophet who was held in high esteem by the people. He, however, propounded ultra socialist doctrines, and vehemently denounced the luxurious way of living of the rulers. That made him very popular with the poor. Abdullah b Saba exploited this position in Syria, and posed himself as a devoted follower of Abu Dhar Ghifari. Meeting Abu Dhar Ghifari, Abdullah b Saba said, "Look Sir, the Governor calls the 'Baitul Mal', the property of Allah. That is a device to avoid its distribution among the people." The argument appealed to Abu Dhar Ghifari, and when he saw Muawiyah he was critical of the amassing of funds in the treasury; he wanted the immediate distribution of available funds among the people. When Muawiyah pointed out the unpractical aspect of the proposal, hot words were exchanged between Muawiyah and Abu Dhar Ghifari. When it came to the notice of Muawiyah that Abdullah b Saba was at the back of these ultra socialist thoughts, he ordered Abdullah to leave Syria.

Abdullah b Saba in Egypt
From Syria Abdullah b Saba came to Egypt. Here he found the atmosphere more congenial. Muhammad b Abu Bakr and Muhammad b Hudhaifa were already carrying on hostile propaganda against Uthman. Abdullah b Saba took advantage of this position, and posing as a pious Muslim he projected doctrines aimed at the subversion of Islam. Posing as a staunch Muslim he said, "I wonder at the wisdom of the Muslims. They believe that Jesus is alive, while they hold that Muhammad is dead. If Muhammad is the last of the prophets, how can he die ? He must be alive til1 the doomsday. And again if Muhammad is the last of the prophets, Wily should Jesus come back again to usher in an era of peace and justice?" The common men who listened to him came to regard him as a staunch Muslim and felt that there was considerable weight in what he said. By such activities the Jews were able to wage a war against Islam on the intellectual plane. Abdullah b Saba sent secret emissaries to major towns in the Muslim empire, and through cunning device and subtle talks these emissaries misled the people, and made them feel that they had been wronged.


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