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The Islamic World
The Islamic World

Khalifa Uthman bin Affan - Death of Yazdjurd

When after his defeat, Yazdjurd wanted to retreat to Merv, he found the gates of the city closed against him. Abandoned by all, Yazdjurd fled to the countryside and sought shelter in a miller's hut. Yazdjurd sent the miller to the market to get some food for him. There he told some of the persons about his guest. The intelligence was carried to Mahrweih the Governor of Merv. He sent a small force to the miller's hut to cut off the head of the guest of the miller who was none other than Yazdjurd. When the force reached the miller's hut, Yazdjurd was identified, and the commander of the force ordered his head to be cut off. Yazdjurd pleaded in vain for mercy. His head was cut off and taken to the Governor. The headless body was thrown in the river Murghab. The dead body was found in the river by some Christian monks. They carried it to the Christian graveyard at Merv and buried it there. That was the end of Yazdjurd, and the Sassanian empire. Thus the prediction of the astrologers of the court of Chosroes Parwez was duly fulfilled.


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