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The Islamic World
The Islamic World

Khalifa Uthman bin Affan - Conquest of the Island of Cypress: Umm Harsam and Abu Darda

Umm Harsam
Among the persons who landed on the soil of Cypress was Umm Haraam. She was a venerable Ansar lady, the wife of an Ansar chief Ubadah b Samit. In the Hadith it is related that the Holy Prophet frequently visited the house of Ubadah b Samit. It is related that one day the Holy Prophet visited the house of Ubadah, and had his noon sleep there. As he woke up, there was a smile on his face. Umm Haraam inquired of the Holy Prophet the reason for his smile. The Holy Prophet said that in a dream he had seen some of his followers floating on the Mediterranean, and they looked like kings. Umm Haraam inquired, "Holy Prophet, will I be one of them". The Holy Prophet said, "Yes, you will be one of them, but you will be martyred and would die in the distant land". True to the prophesy of the Holy Prophet Umm Haraam was one of the persons who landed on the island of Cypress. After landing on the island, she proceeded inland on a pony. She fell from the pony on the way and died. She was buried on the island. Her tomb on the island became a seat of pilgrimage for the Muslims.

Abu Darda
In this campaign the Muslims captured a large number of war prisoners. As Abu Darda saw these prisoners, Abu Darda wept bitterly. Some one asked Abu Darda as to why he was weeping when it was an occasion for the Muslims to rejoice. Abu Darda said, "I am weeping at the fate of people who disobey God. When they disobey God they come to grief like these people. I fear for the Muslims, lest by disobeying God they may also invite such a grim fate for themselves. "


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