Khalifa Uthman bin Affan - Restoration and exile of Yazdjurd

Khalifa Uthman bin Affan - Restoration and exile of Yazdjurd

Prediction of the astrologers
The court astrologers predicted that one of his sons would have a son at whose hands the Sassanian empire would come to grief, and Persia would become subject to foreign rule. Parwez felt much perturbed at this prediction. he placed a sexual embargo on his sons and decreed that none of them was to marry. His sons chafed at this decree. Shahryar his eldest son was secretly married by Shirin to a beautiful girl of a noble family. Of this union a son was born who was named Yazdjurd. The birth of the prince was kept a guarded secret.

Restoration and exile of Yazdjurd
Five years passed away and by that time Parwez had forgotten all about the prediction. Availing of the opportunity, Shirin told him about the birth of a grandson. He expressed the desire to see the child. The child was brought and Parwez became fond of him. After some time Parwez recalled the prediction and decided to kill the child. Shirin pleaded for the life of the child. Parwez ultimately agreed to spare the life of the child, provided he was exiled away from the court. Yazdjurd was accordingly exiled to Seestan.

Enthronement of Yazdjurd
Eleven years later, Parwez was overthrown by his second son Sheeruya. Parwez was first put in the dungeon, and later blinded and killed. Sheeruya had all royal princes killed except his son Ardsheer. As Yazdjurd remained in hiding, he escaped from the massacre. To avoid discovery, Yazdjurd moved from Seestan to Persepolis. Sheeruya the regicide could hold the throne for a short period of six months only. He was succeeded by his son Ardsheer who also ruled for a short time. Thereafter there was a succession of some princesses. Their rule was also short-lived. In the absence of any other prince, Yazdjurd was discovered and crowned in 632 C.E. He was a young man of twenty-one at the time