Khalifa Uthman bin Affan - Conquest of Fars under Umar

Khalifa Uthman bin Affan - Conquest of Fars under Umar

The province of Fars in Persia was conquered by the Muslims during the caliphate of Umar.

A column of the Muslim army led by Mujashe b Masud advanced in the district of Ardsheer Khurra. A confrontation between the Muslim and the Persian forces took place at Tawwaj. The Persians resisted the Muslim advance but they suffered defeat, and they agreed to pay tribute. From Tawwaj the Muslim forces proceeded to the town of Sabur. The Persians shut themselves within the city and closed the gates. The Muslims besieged the town. The siege did not last long for the Persians laid down their arms and sued for peace. Peace was made on the payment of tribute.

Another Muslim column took the field under the commend of Uthman b Abul Aas. 1t started the campaign from where the column under Mujashe b Masud had left. The Muslim force advanced to Jor, a city to the south of Shiraz. The Persian force at Jor offered resistance, but it was overcome by the Muslims and the city was captured. From Jor the Muslim force struck north and occupied Shiraz without tiring a shot. From Shiraz the Muslim force struck north east, and occupied Persepolis the ancient capital of Persia.

With Persepolis as the base another Muslim column under Sariyah bin Zuneim penetrated further into the hilly tracts of the province. The Muslims captured the town of Fasa, and then they advanced to Darab which also fell to them.

Another column led by Suhail b Adi marched to Kirman. A feeble resistance was offered by the Persians which was soon overcome by the Muslims. From Kirman the Muslims advanced to Jeeraft which city was taken by assault. Thereafter the Muslims force advanced to Sirjan which city also fell to them after some show of resistance.

As a result of these campaigns the Muslims became the masters of Fars.