Khalifa Uthman bin Affan - Conquest of the Island of Cypress: Abdullah b Qais

Khalifa Uthman bin Affan - Conquest of the Island of Cypress: Abdullah b Qais

After the conquest of Cypress, Abdullah b Qais the commander of the Muslim naval forces continued his cruise in the Mediterranean Sea. He is accredited with having fought fifty naval battles in all of which he was victorious. In all these battles not a single Muslim was killed or drowned. The details of these battles have not been preserved in history. Presumably most of these naval actions took place along the coast of Asia Minor. Because of these victories the exploits of Abdullah b Qais came to acquire the character of a legend. As a result of his victories he won great booties. He was known for making large bounties. Even the enemy profited from his charities.

He was a terror for the naval forces of the enemy, but on account of his beneficent activities he enjoyed popularity among the common men even in the enemy territory.

Once he landed with a few companions at Forma in the enemy territory. A few persons gathered around him, and he gave them large bounties. Among these persons was a beggar woman. Returning home she told the authorities that Abdullah b Qais had landed on their territory, and they could take him captive. A force was sent to apprehend Abdullah b Qais. 1hey failed to take him captive. They could only take hold of his dead body. The beggar woman was asked, "How did she know that he was Abdullah b Qais?"

She said, "He looked like a merchant but he gave bounties like a king, and from what I had heard about Abdullah b Qais, I felt convinced that such a liberal person could not be any one but Abdullah b Qais. the Commander of the Seas. "