Khalifa Umar bin al-Khattab - Assessment Of Umar By The Companions

Khalifa Umar bin al-Khattab - Assessment Of Umar By The Companions

Abu Bakr said about Umar, "There is not upon the face of the earth a man dearer to me then Umar." When Abu Bakr was on his death bed, it was said to him, "What will you say to God, now that you have appointed Umar as your successor?" Abu Bakr said, "I will say to Him that I appointed over His people the man who was the best among them all."

After the death of Umar, Ali said in the course of one of his sermons:

"When Umar became the Caliph, there were some people who approved of his caliphate and there were some who disagreed. During his caliphate he administered the affairs of the State strictly on the lines laid down by the Holy Prophet and his successor Abu Bakr. He followed them in the same way as a child follows its mother. Verily he was a pillar of strength for the weak, the poor, and the aggrieved. He was for the Muslims a source of honour, prosperity and victory. Nothing stood in his way in promoting the cause of Truth. He was so discriminating in truth that we come to believe that the angel spoke through his tongue. By being converted to Islam, he became a source of honour and strength for Islam His migration was a cause of strengthening the religion of Islam. God made the infidels fear Umar, and the pious Muslims love him. As he was very harsh with the enemies of Islam, the Holy Prophet compared Umar to Gahriel. As he had a fiery temper the Holy Prophet compared him to Nuh, O ye Muslims bear in mind that after the Holy Prophet, among his followers the two best persons were Abu Bakr, and Umar."

Ali used to say, "When the righteous are mentioned, then be quick and mention Umar." Ali also said "We used to say not without reason that the Divine Presence spoke by the tongue of Umar."

Abu 'Ubaida bin Al-Jarah, the Commander-in-Chief of the Muslim forces in Syria said:

"When Umar will die, Islam will be disgraced. I do not wish that I should survive Umar. I wish to die during the life-time of Umar."

'Abdullah bin 'Abbes said:

"May God bless the soul of Umar. By God he was a pillar of strength for Islam. He was the shelter for the orphans and the widows. By his conduct he fortified the faith of others. He was a model Muslim. The weak relied on him for the redress of their grievances. He was a great helper of the people. As a Caliph he promoted the interests of Islam. Under him the standard of Islam was carried east and west, and the call to prayers could be heard in plains and on hills even in distant lands. In the states when he was hard or humble he maintained the dignity of Islam. He remembered God at all times. He was indeed the gem of a man. May Allah humilitate the person who talks ill of Umar, or bears him any enmity."

Ibn Masiud said:

"If the wisdom of Umar were placed in the scale of a balance, and the wisdom of living things upon the earth in the other scale, the wisdom of Umar would outweigh them, and verily the people used to think that Umar carried nine-tenth of the wisdom of the world."

Ibn Mas'ud on another occasion said:

"Verily Umar was the most learned of us all in the Book of God, and most profoundly versed in the religious ordinances of Allah."

On the death of Umar, Ibn Mas'ud said:

"Umar was the fort of Islam. The people could enter the fort but could not come out of it. With the death of Umar that fort has fallen and now people would come out of it." 'Abbas said about Umar:

"I was a neighbour of Umar. After the Holy Prophet I have not found any person superior to Umar in the love of God. He spent the greater part of night in prayer. Throughout the day he worked hard to win the pleasure of Allah".

On the death of Umar, Saeed b. Zaid said:

"With the death of Umar, Islam has come to grief. His death has caused a breach in the citadel of Islam which would not be filled up."

Abu Hudhaifa said:

"It is as if the wisdom of mankind lay hidden in the bossom of Umar. By Allah I know not a man whom the reproof of the censurer in what relateth to the service of God, does not touch, but Umar." He also said, "In the time of Umar Islam attained the climax of glory. After his death Islam will have to face difficulties."

'Ayesha said of him "By Allah, Umar was active in affairs, singly undertaking their management."

Abu Talha Ansari said, "By God, there is no Muslim household which has not suffered because of the death of Umar."

Ibn Umar said, "I never saw any one after the Holy Prophet, from time time that he died, any person more vehement and yet more beneficent than Umar."

Ibn 'Abbas was asked about Umar, and he said, " Umar was like a wary bird who apprehended a snare at every step to trap it."

Amir Muawiyah said, "Abu Bakr sought not the world, and the world sought him not. In the case of Umar, the world sought him, but he sought it not."