Khalifa Uthman bin Affan - Death of Ruqayya

Khalifa Uthman bin Affan - Death of Ruqayya

Uthman, Ruqayya and their son Abdullah adjusted themselves to the new surroundings. Uthman devoted most of his time to his business, and whatever time he could spare, he spent it in the company of the Holy Prophet. The Holy Prophet called frequently at their house to inquire about their welfare. The Holy Prophet had great liking for the young Abdullah, and often played with him.

The happiness of the family was, however, short lived. The climate of Makkah was dry but the climate of Madina was damp. That adversely affected the health of the immigrants. During the first year of their migration many Muslims from Makkah suffered from fever. In the second year of the migration small pox broke out in Madina. In 624 C.E., Ruqayya suffered from malaria and then caught small pox. No remedy availed her, and her malady grew worse day by day.

On the occasion of the battle of Badr, Ruqayya lay on the sick bed. Uthman offered to join the battle. The Holy Prophet made him stay at Madina as his vicegerent, and also to look after the ailing Ruqayya. The Holy Prophet assured him that he would have the reward of participating in the battle, and would have his share in the booty captured from the enemy.

Ruqayya died while the Holy Prophet was still at Badr. When the news of the victory of Badr was brought to Madina, the good lady Ruqayya was being buried. The Holy Prophet could not attend her funeral.

In the battle of Badr the Quraish suffered a serious defeat. Seventy men of the Quraish were killed, and about seventy of them were taken as prisoners. Among those taken captive was Uqba 1' Abi Muheet, the man, Uthman's mother had married. Uqba had been in the forefront in his hostility to the Holy Prophet and Islam. While most of the other captives were released on ransom, Uqba on account of his crimes, was ordered by the Holy Prophet to be killed. Uqba wanted Uthman to intercede in his behalf, but Uthman refused to interfere on the ground that his crimes were too heinous to be forgiven. When Uqba was being led to execution, he asked the Holy Prophet,"Who will take care of my children" ? The Holy Prophet said, "Hell would take care of you and your children who die in disbelief".