Khalifa Uthman bin Affan - Post-Uhud period

Khalifa Uthman bin Affan - Post-Uhud period

In the post-Uhud period, Uthman felt very sad and disconsolate. Uthman felt disconsolate at the passing away of Ruqayya. He also felt remorseful at his lapse on the occasion of the battle of Uhud. The Holy Prophet felt for Uthman, and married his daughter Umm Kulthum to him. Uthman felt happy at this honor. Umm Kulthum filled the vacuum that had been created due to the death of Ruqayya. Ruaqayya had left a son Abdullah, and Umm Kulsum showered the affection of a mother on him. The Holy Prophet visited the house of Uthman frequently. That was a source of great satisfaction for Uthman.

A year after the battle of Uhud, Abdullah died. Uthman had great love for him, and he was intensely grieved at his death. The Holy Prophet led the funeral prayer. He consoled Uthman, and advised him that as a true Muslim he should resign himself to the will of God.

In the battle of the ditch, Uthman was in charge of a sector. The enemy made several attempts to cross the ditch in this sector. The vigilance of Uthman and his contingent frustrated the designs of the enemy.

After the battle of the ditch when a campaign was undertaken against the Jews of Banu Qainuqa, Uthman was in the forefront of the action. When the Jews were taken captive, and the question of the disposal of the slaves became a problem, Uthman resolved the issue by purchasing all the slaves, and depositing their price in the Baitul Mall Such of these slaves who accepted Islam were liberated by Uthman in the name of God. It is reliably reported that Uthman used to liberate a slave every Friday.