Khalifa Uthman bin Affan - Battle of Autas

Khalifa Uthman bin Affan - Battle of Autas

After the fall of Makkah, the neighboring tribes of Hawazin and Thaqueef had to choose between peace by conversion to Islam or war with the Muslims. These tribes considered that the Quraish had been guilty of cowardice by submitting to Islam. They accordingly chose the way of war with the Muslims.

From Makkah the Holy Prophet marched to Autas at the head of an army twelve thousand strong. Out of these ten thousand warriors belonged to the army that had come from Madina. The other two thousand persons were the warriors

from the Quraish of Makkah who had volunteered to fight in the way of Allah. As this army was mustered, the Muslims felt proud of it, and considered that it was invincible.

As the Muslim army passed through the valley of Hunain, some eleven miles north east of Makkah, a rain of arrows fell on it let loose by a group of archers of the hostile tribes that lay hidden in the mountain pass. The surprise attack caused a great confusion among the ranks of the Muslim force. In utter confusion, the men ran in all directions to seek cover. The Holy Prophet stood firm at his place, and he called the Muslims to his side. In the first instance only nine persons stood by the side of the Holy Prophet. These included Uthman. After some time the Muslims gathered round the Holy Prophet, and under his direction made a violent charge on the enemy. After some time the pass was captured. The Holy Prophet posted a guard at the pass and the main army marched to Autas.

In the confrontation at Autas, the hostile tribes were soon defeated. Large booty fell into the hands of the Muslims which was distributed among the warriors.