Khalifa Umar bin al-Khattab - Elegies And Tributes On The Death Of Umar

Khalifa Umar bin al-Khattab - Elegies And Tributes On The Death Of Umar

Atika the wife of Umar burst into the following elegy on the death of Umar:

"Eye, let thy tears and weeping be abundant,

Death has afflicted me in the fall of a horseman

Distinguished in the day of battle and of contumely,

The stay of faith, the defence against inclement fortune,

And a champion unto the afflicted and oppressed,

Say unto the hopeless die,

Since Death hath given us to drink the cup of dissolution." She also said:

"Firoz has deprived us of such a fair complexioned, fair minded person

Who was fastidious about his prayers

Who was regular in the recitation of the Holy Qur'an,

Who was a source of strength for the weak;

And who was stern and harsh against the oppressors."

Another wife of Umar mourned his death in the following terms:

"The death of Umar has overwhelmed me with such grief

That the entire world now appears to be a place of sorrow and distress."

Bint Abi Hashma said:

"We mourn the death of Umar

Who disentangled every knot,

Who solved every difficulty,

Who put an end to all mischief,

Who revived the Sunnat of the Holy Prophet,

He has departed from this world

Free from all blame."

Hafsa expressed her grief in the following terms:

"I am bearing this bereavement with patience,

The Holy Qur'an condoles me,

You are not alone to die,

Every one is to die in turn."

A poet mournfully said:

"Because of the leadership of Umar,

The Muslims became a disciplined community,

Apparently it's impossible that after him,

Any one should carry the burden of the State

As effectively as he did."

Sa'id bin Zaid, the brother-in-law of Umar, wept grievously.

He was asked why he was weeping so profusely. He said:

"I am not weeping for Umar. I am weeping for Islam in which cracks will appear after his death."

Seeing the face of Umar, Ali said:

"Salutations of God to thee,

Verily, there is no man

Other than this shrouded one,

Whose deeds I envy."

'Usman seeing the face of Umar said:

"Out of us, who can equal Umar?"