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The Islamic World
The Islamic World

Khalifa Uthman bin Affan - Governors of Uthman: Amir Muawiyah

Early Life
Amir Muawiyah was the son of Abu Sufian. He was the leader of the Quraish He led the Quraish in the battle of Uhud. He was the inveterate enemy of Islam and he tried his best to overpower the Muslims. All his efforts, however, failed, and after the conquest of Makkah he had no option but to accept Islam. Muawiyah's mother was Hindah. She led a contingent of women in the battle of Uhud. At the battle of Uhud, she chewed the liver of Hamza, and uncle of the Holy Prophet. One of the sisters of Muawiyah Umm Habibah was married to the Holy Prophet. After conversion to Islam, Abu Sufian and his sons worked faithfully in the cause of Islam. Muawiyah was attached to the Holy Prophet. The Holy Prophet had a high opinion about the capacities of Muawiyah.

Amir Muawiyah as Governor of Syria
During the caliphate of Umar, Amir Muawiyah was the ruler of Damascus. Yazid a brother of Muawiyah was the ruler of Jordan. When Yazid fled, Umar placed Jordan also under the charge of Muawiyah

During the caliphate of Uthman when Alqama Kinani the ruler of Palestine died, Palestine was also entrusted to the charge of Muawiyah. A little later when 'Amir b Sa'ad Ansari the ruler of Emessa resigned because of ill health, Uthman added Emessa as well to the charge of Amir Muawiyah Under Muawiyah, Syria thus came to be consolidated into a single Province.


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