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The Islamic World
The Islamic World

Khalifa Uthman bin Affan - Muhammad b Abu Hudhaifa in Egypt

In Egypt Abdullah b Sa'ad, a foster brother of Uthman was the Governor. Uthman had deposed 'Amr b Al 'Aas from the Governorship of Egypt, and appointed Abdullah as the Governor instead. In Egypt there was a strong party which favored 'Amr b Al 'Aas the original conqueror of Egypt. Muhammad b Abu Bakr who had some personal grievances against Uthman also came to Egypt. The two Muhammads joined hands in carrying on propaganda against Abdullah b Sa'ad and Uthman. I In Saba also came to Egypt, and he led a campaign for the subversion of Islam. Uthman sent an emissary 'Ammar b Yasir to Egypt to report about the state of affairs in Egypt. Those who were opposed to the administration carried on propaganda in favor of the caliphate of Ali. 'Ammar b Yasir had his affiliations with Ali and he too joined the opposition in Egypt. The opposition movement came to command a good following. Muhammad b Abu Bakr and Muhammad Abu Hudhaifa ingratiated themselves with the army. When Abdullah b Sa'ad won the battle of the Masts, the opposition tried to belittle the achievement by declaring that the real Jihad lay in protesting against Uthman who had deviated from the path of Islam. Propaganda against the Government was carried to the mosques. Abdullah b Sa'ad reported the matter to Uthman and wanted his permission to take action against Muhammad b Abu Bakr, Muhammad b Abu Hudhaifa and 'Ammar b Yasir. Uthman did not approve any action against 'Ammar b Yasir because he was an eminent companion. No action was to be taken against Muhammad bin Abu Bakr, because of the respect for Abu Bakr. No action was to be taken against Muhammad b Abu Hudhaifa for he was his adopted son. Want of action on the part of Government emboldened the opposition and the situation in Egypt worsened day by day.


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