Khalifa Umar bin al-Khattab - Wives And Children Of Umar

Khalifa Umar bin al-Khattab - Wives And Children Of Umar

Before his conversion to Islam, Umar had three wives. These were:

(1) Zainab bint Mazaun Jamiah;

(2) Malaika bint Jarul Khuzai; and

(3) Qariba bint Umayya Makhzumi.

When Umar was converted to Islam, Zainab alone accepted Islam. After the Hudaybiah pact when God sent the words that Muslims should not marry idolatresses, Umar divorced Malaika and Qariba.

After the Hudaybiah-pact the first Muslim woman who fled from the Quraish and sought shelter with the Muslims was Sabiha bint Al-Haris. Her husband did not accept Islam. When the Quraish came to demand the restoration of Sabiha, the Holy Prophet refused to return her saying that the condition in the pact applied to men only and not to women. The Holy Prophet had Sabiha married to Umar.

In Madina, Umar married an Ansar lady Asiah bint Sabat Ansari. On marriage Umar changed her name to Jamila. Umar resided with her at Quba, and it is reported that there was great love between Umar and Jamila. A few years later Umar divorced her and shifted to Madina.

'Atika bint Zaid was a cousin of Umar. She was married to 'Abdullah a son of Abu Bakr. When her husband died, Atika felt very disconsolate. In sympathy, Umar married her in the first year of his caliphate.

Umm Hakim was the wife of 'Ikramah the son of Abu Jakl. 'Ikramah died fighting and thereafter Umm Hakim married Khalid bin Sa'id. Khalid bin Sa'id was also martyred on the Syrian front. Umm Hakim doubly bereaved was much grieved, and Umar consoled her by marrying her.

In 639 A.D., Umar married Umm Kulsum the daughter of 'Ali and Fatima. Till his death in 644 A D., Umm Kulsum remained his favourite wife.

Besides these wives, Umar had two slave girls who bore him children. These were Fakiah and Layiah.

Umar's sons included: 'Abdullah; 'Asim; Abu Shahma; Abdur Rahman; Zaid; 'Iyad and Mujir. 'Abdullah became a convert to Islam at an early age along with his father. He made a great name for himself as an expert in Figh and Hadis. 'Ubaidullah was well known for his bravery and fighting qualities. In revenge for the assassination of Umar, 'Ubaidullah killed Hormuzan and some other persons. 'Asim was known for his poetry and piety. Umar bin 'Abul 'Aziz the puritan Uyymaid Caliph was his daughter's son. Abu Shahma was flogged to death by Umar for the offence of drinking.

The daughters of Umar included: Hafsah Fatimah, Ruqiya and Zainab. Of these Hafsah was the most well-known as she was the wife of the Holy Prophet.

'Abdullah, 'Abdur Rahman Akbar, and Hafsah, were born to Zainab bint Mazaun.

'Ubaidullah and Zaid Asghar were the sons of Umm Kulsum who was divorced after the Hudaybiah pact.

Umm Hakim was the mother of Fatimah.

'Asim was the son of Jamila bint Sabat Ansari.

Umm Kulsum bint'Ali was the mother of Zaid and Ruqiya.

'Iyad was the son of 'Atika.

Layiah was the mother of 'Abdur Rahman al-Wast.

Fatimah was the daughter of Umm Hakim.

Zainab was the daughter of Fakiah.