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The Islamic World
The Islamic World

Khalifa Uthman bin Affan - Directives of Uthman

On assuming office, Uthman issued a number of directives. These directives provided the guidelines for the functionaries of the State, and set out the policies of Uthman in specific terms. All concerned were required to implement such directives in letter as well as in spirit.

Directive to the administrators
Uthman issued the following directive to the persons responsible for administration in various parts of the dominions:

"After glorifying and offering all praise to God Almighty, it may be stated that Allah requires the administrators to be the well wishers and protectors of the people. The administrators have not been vested with power merely to collect taxes from the people. In Islam the position of an administrator is that of a protector and not a mere tax collector. A time will come when the administrators will concentrate on the exercise of power and would overlook their obligations to the people. That will be the age of tyranny. I3ear in mind that your main obligation is to study the problems of the people, and-help them in the solution of such problems. See that a proper equation is maintained between the rights and duties of the people. Every body should perform his duty, and at the same time he should be assured that he would have what is due to him. Also keep an eye on the enemies. See that such subversive activities, if any, are suppressed, but whatever promises are made, even with the enemy, should be respected".

Directive to the defense forces
"Uthman issued the following directive to the defense forces: "Keep in mind that you are to guard the frontiers of the Muslim dominions. You are to protect the life and property of the Muslims. I am aware of the laws that Umar formulated for your guidance. Indeed such laws were made with my consultation and the consultation of other Muslims. Be wary that I do not receive any complaint that you are violating or thwarting such laws. If you do so, God will place other persons in your stead. I am under obligation to protect your rights and privileges, but you should always weigh how far you deserve such rights and privileges.

Directive to the tax collectors
Uthman issued the following directive to the tax collectors:

"Know you all that all glory and "raise is for God. God enjoins justice, and He would not approve any act of administration which is not based on justice. Be just and fair to all concerned. Do not realize from any body what is not due from him. Be honest. See that the trust reposed in you is not betrayed. Do not oppress or harass the people. Pay particular regard to the orphans and the poor. See that they are not made to bear a burden which is beyond their capacity."

Directive for the general publics
Uthman issued the following directive for the general public:

"Know that whatever you have attained is due to Islam and following the injunctions of the Holy Prophet. If you are lost in the world you will betray the objective of your life. Follow Islam faithfully and do not introduce any innovations. See that the abundance of wealth does not divert you from the ideals of Islam. The extension of your dominions has brought various peoples within your fold. See that this does not lead to any differences among you. Remain united. Hold fast to the rope of God. May God bless you."


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