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The Islamic World
The Islamic World

Khalifa Uthman bin Affan - Election of Uthman

On the fourth day after the death of Umar, the Muslims gathered in the Prophet's mosque at Madina. Abdul Rahman b Auf took the stage, and recounted the efforts that he had made in arriving at a decision with regard to the successor to Umar. He observed that the choice lay between two candidates namely Ali and Uthman. He dwelt at length on the merits of both the candidates, and observed that after consulting the people at large he had arrived at the conclusion that the majority of the people favored the succession of Uthman. He declared on solemn oath that in arriving at the decision he had not been moved by any extraneous consideration. He had taken the decision in the sole interest of the Muslim community. Addressing Ali he said that he should not feel annoyed at the decision. He was still young, and there would be further opportunities for him to come to power. He appealed to him to accept the decision in the interests of Muslim solidarity. Thereafter Abdul Rahman b Auf said to Uthman "Stretch forth your hand so that I may take the oath of allegiance to you". Uthman stretched his hand, and Abdul Rahman b Auf took the oath of allegiance to him as the Caliph. Thereafter all the Muslims gathered in the mosque took the oath of allegiance to Uthman. Ali felt dissatisfied, but he too took the oath of allegiance to Uthman. Thus Uthman was elected as the third Caliph. That was the first day of the year 24 A.H.


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