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The Islamic World
The Islamic World

Khalifa Abu Bakr - Persecutions of the Quraish

The following day the Quraish assembled in the Kaaba, and vowed vengeance against the Holy Prophet. After some time, the Holy Prophet also came to the Ka'aba. The Quraish surrounded him and said, "Are you the one who has abused our gods?" The Holy Prophet said that it was so. Thereupon the Quraish fell upon the Holy Prophet, and gave him a severe beating. When Abu Bakr came to know of this he rushed to the spot. He interposed himself between the Holy Prophet and the Quraish weeping and saying, "Would you kill a man for saying that Allah is his Lord." Thereupon the Quraish fell on Abu Bakr, and beat him. The beating was so severe that blood flowed from the head of Abu Bakr and clotted his hair. He did not mind his own injuries, and even on the sick bed, he expressed his anxiety about the safety and welfare of the Holy Prophet.

Uqba b Abi Mohit. Once when the Holy Prophet was saying prayers in the Ka'aba, Uqba b Abi Mohit a Quraish young man threw his sheet round the neck of the Holy Prophet, and twisted it with a view to strangling him. Abu Bakr who hovered close by fell on Uqba and rescued the Holy Prophet.

Abu Lahab. When the Holy Prophet invited the people to Islam, his uncle Abu Lahab and his wife Umm Jamil became hostile to him. Umm Jamil would carry thorns and place them in the way of the Holy Prophet. About Abu Lahab and his wife, the Holy Prophet received the following revelation from God: "Abu Lahab and his hands God blast his wealth and gains useless at the last. He shall roast in flames held fast. With his wife, the bearer of the wood aghast, On her neck a rope of palm fiber cast."

Umm Jamil. One day Umm Jamil came to the Ka'aba where Abu Bakr and the Holy Prophet were praying. She failed to see the Holy Prophet, and addressing Abu Bakr she said, "I hear that Muhammad is satirizing me. If I find him I will smash him. We reject the reprobate. His words we repudiate; His religion, we loathe and hate." When Abu Bakr remonstrated with her, she abused him.


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