Khalifa Uthman bin Affan - Physical appearance of Uthman

Khalifa Uthman bin Affan - Physical appearance of Uthman

Uthman enjoyed fame as one of the most beautiful men in Makkah

In his book History of the Caliphs, Jalaluddin Suyuti records on the authority of Ibn Asakir that Uthman was of medium stature, neither short, nor tall. He was of a comely aspect. His complexion was white with a yellowish tinge. There were faint marks of small pox on his face, which instead of disfiguring the comeliness of his appearance, added to his beauty. He was full bearded, and the beard looked well on his face. The locks of the hair of his head fell below his ears. He was large of limbs, broad between the shoulders; fleshy in the thighs,; and long in the forearms. His teeth were most beautiful, and were bound with wires of gold.

Abdullah b Hazm al Mazini said about him that he had never seen a man of more beautiful face than that of Uthman.

Musa b Talha is reported to have said that Uthman was the most comely of men.