Khalifa Umar bin al-Khattab - The Man Whom Umar Envied

Khalifa Umar bin al-Khattab - The Man Whom Umar Envied

Wahab bin Qabus was a shepherd who lived in a village near Madina. One day he came to Madina to see the Holy Prophet. He was accompanied by his nephew, and his herd of goats.

In Madina, Wahab came to know that the Holy Prophet had left for Uhud where he was fighting against the Quraish. He left his nephew and his goats at Madina, and himself proceeded to Uhud.

When he reached Uhud, the battle was at its thickest. A group of the Quraish was at the time advancing to attack the Holy Prophet. It was a critical situation, and turning to his companions the Holy Prophet said:

"He who disperses these people will be my companion in the Paradise."

Hearing the call, Wahab rushed at the advancing Quraish. Some were killed and the rest were put to flight. The Holy Prophet watched Wahab overpower the Quraish group single handed. When Wahab after the flight of the Quraish came to the Holy Prophet, he was given the tidings of Paradise. Wahab was intoxicated with pleasure at these tidings.

As soon as he heard these tidings, Wahab took his sword, and rushed to the enemy line. He dashed against the enemy as a hill torrent would dash against the rock making its way. Killing right and left he penetrated deep into the enemy line. He was surrounded by the enemy on all sides. He received many wounds but he went on playing havoc in the ranks of the enemy. The blood flowed profusely from his wounds, and then he fell dead on the battle-field.

When the battle was over, and the Muslims collected the dead bodies of all the martyrs, the Holy Prophet stood by his dead body and said:

"O Wahab, you have pleased me. May Allah be pleased with you."

Although the Holy Prophet was himself wounded, he led the funeral prayer of Wahab, and put him in the grave with his own hands. Umar who was present said that in the battle of Uhud none surpassed Wahab in bravery.

Thereafter Umar used to say often:

"I never envied anybody more than Wahab. I wish I could appear before Allah with a record as good as his."