Khalifa Abu Bakr - Reaction of Abu Bakr

Khalifa Abu Bakr - Reaction of Abu Bakr

Persecutions of other Muslims. The persecutions of the Quraish were not confined to the Holy Prophet or Abu Bakr. Almost every Muslim convert became a victim of the persecutions of the Quraish.

When Usman b Affan who later became the third Caliph of Islam, was converted to Islam, he was bound and beaten by his uncle Hakam b Al'Aas.

When Zubair b Awam accepted Islam his uncle wrapped him in a mat, and passed smoke through his nose.

When Abdullah bin Masud recited the Quran in the Ka'aba, he was mercilessly beaten by the Quraish.

Umm Shareek a lady who accepted Islam was made to stand under the hot sun for three days, and was not allowed to drink water.

Khabbab when converted to Islam was forced by the Quraish to lie on live cinders.

Ammar when converted to Islam was thrown on burning sand and severely beaten till he lost consciousness. His mother Sumaiyya was stabbed to death by Abu Jahl. His father Yasir was tortured to death.

Suhaib was beaten so mercilessly that he lost his mental balance.

Reaction of Abu Bakr. Abu Bakr felt distressed at the persecution of the Muslims. He did all he could to alleviate the sufferings of the Muslims. Abu Bakr suffered along with other Muslims. He had a flourishing business, but as a result of his acceptance of Islam his business suffered a good deal. At the time of his conversion to Islam he had 40,000 dirhams with him. He spent a great part of this money for the relief of the Muslims in distress. Abu Bakr did not mind these sufferings, and the more he suffered the deeper became his faith in Islam.