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The Islamic World
The Islamic World

Khalifa Umar bin al-Khattab - Harith Bin Wahb Yashi

Harith bin Wahb Yashi was a prominent companion. Umar appointed him as a Governor of a province.

Umar had an intelligence service in each province and this department was under the direct control of Umar himself. This Department was required to report from time to time about the activities of the officers in the province.

The Intelligence Department reported to Umar that Harith bin Wahb Yashi the Governor had sold some camels for one hundred diners.

Umar summoned Harith bin Wahb Yashi to Madina and put him to trial.

He was asked whether it was a fact that lie had sold some camels for one hundred diners.

He admitted that he had sold some camels for this amount.

He was next asked, "From where did you get the camels".

He replied that these camels were the share of his spoils.

"What profit did you earn from the sale of the animals", was the next question put by Umar.

Harith bin Wahb said that he could not be sure as to the exact amount of the profit, but it might be fifty diners.

Thereupon Umar gave the verdict:

"I sent you as a Governor and not as a trader. Deposit the amount of the profit in the public treasury, and do not indulge in trading activities as long as you hold the office of the Governor."

Harith bin Wahb deposited the amount in the public treasury and submitted his resignation. He said:

"By God, I will not serve under you."

Umar said:

"By God, I will not appoint you as Governor again."


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