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The Islamic World
The Islamic World

Khalifa Abu Bakr - The Farewell Pilgrimage

The Holy Prophet's last pilgrimage. In 632 C.E. the Holy Prophet decided to proceed to Makkah for performing the pilgrimage. The pilgrimage was planned on a large scale. Messengers were sent to all parts of Arabia asking the Muslims to collect at Madina for the purpose of the pilgrimage In response to this call over one lakh Muslims from all parts of Arabia assembled at Madina.

The caravan. After all arrangements had been completed, a caravan of over one lakh Muslims, fired with their enthusiasm for Islam, started for Makkah in submission to the call of Allah. It was a remarkable sight the like of which the people of Arabia had not seen before. The Holy Prophet rode at the head of the caravan. All his wives accompanied him. By the side of the Holy Prophet rode Abu Bakr. He too was accompanied by his wives.

Dhul Hulaifa. At Dhul Hulaifa on the outskirts of Makkah, the Holy Prophet and all his followers put on the Ihram-the pilgrim's garb. The Holy Prophet gave the signal call Labbayk Allahumma Labbayk-here I am at your service O Lord, and this was repeated by all the one lakh persons in the congregation The entire valley came to ring with this sound the resolve of the Muslims to place themselves at the disposal of God.

Makkah and Mina. The party reached Makkah on the 4th of Zul Haj, after a journey of nineteen days. After a stay of four days in Makkah the party left Makkah for Mina on the 8th of Zul Hajj, and passed the night there. The following day the pilgrims proceeded to Arafat.


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