Khalifa Umar bin al-Khattab - Qadama Bin Mazaun

Khalifa Umar bin al-Khattab - Qadama Bin Mazaun

Qadama was the son of Mazaun who was one of the earliest converts to Islam. The Holy Prophet had great regard for Mazaun. A sister of Qadama, Zainab was the wife of Umar. Qadama was the maternal uncle of Abdullah and Hafsa.

Umar appointed Qadama as the Governor of Bahrain. Qadama was a good administrator and he ruled his province well Umar had his intelligence service in Bahrain and the Department reported that though Qadama was honest and a good administrator he was apt to indulge in drinking.

Once a companion Jarud came from Bahrain and he reported to Umar that Qadama had drunk and he had seen him in an unconscious state.

Umar asked whether he could produce a witness.

Jarud said that Abu Hurairah be summoned as a witness.

Umar called Abu Hurairah, and asked him whether he could give any evidence on the point whether Qadama had drunk.

Abu Hurairah said: "I did not see Qadama drinking, but I saw him in an unconscious state."

Umar summoned the wife of Qadama Hind bint Al-Walid who was a sister of Khalid and was related to Umar. Hind was asked to give evidence on the point whether her husband drank. She gave evidence against her husband.

Umar summoned Qadama from Bahrain and put him on trial.

When faced with the evidence of his own wife, Qadama did not choose to rebut the charge. He took the stand that drinking was not specifically prohibited.

Umar said, "Qadama I put you the question whether you regard drinking as lawful."

Qadama said, "I would not say that it is lawful, but I do maintain that drinking is not punishable."

Umar said, "You are not correct that drinking is not punishable. I will inflict on you the usual punishment. I cannot make any exception in your case on the ground that you are my brother."

Umar inflicted the punishment on Qadama. Qadama resigned the office and refused to be on speaking terms with Umar. He also divorced his wife who had given evidence against him.

When Umar went on Hajj he had a dream in which he was asked to reconcile with Qadama. Qadama happened to be in Mecca. Umar went to Qadama, and sought his conciliation. After some discussion both the sides decided to forgive and forget. Qadama said that he would not serve again under Umar but he promised that he would not I drink again.