Khalifa Umar bin al-Khattab - Umm Hakim

Khalifa Umar bin al-Khattab - Umm Hakim

Umm Hakim was the daughter of Harith bin Hisham who belonged to the Makhzun tribe of the Quraish. Her mother was the sister of the famous General Khalid bin Walid.

Umm Hakim was married to Ikrama the son of Abu Jahl. The family was known for its opposition to Islam, and Umm Hakim opposed Islam tooth and nail. In the battle of Uhud she was with the Quraish of Mecca who fought against the Muslims.

When the Muslims conquered Mecca, the Quraish were converted to Islam. At that time Umm Hakim also became a Muslim. Her husband Ikrama being afraid of the wrath of the Muslims fled to Yemen.

Umm Hakim waited on the Holy Prophet, and prayed for amnesty for her husband. Seeing her fidelity, the Holy Prophet acceded to her request. She went to Yemen in person, and brought Ikrama to Madina, where he was converted to Islam.

Thereafter Ikrama became a staunch Muslim, and he participated in all the campaigns undertaken by the Muslims. In the time of the caliphate of Abu Bakr, Ikrama fought in the apostasy wars. Later he went to Syria and fought against the Byzantines. Umm Hakim went with Ikrama to Syria and remained in the military camp. Ikrama was martyred at the battle of Ajnadin.

After the death of Ikrama, Umm Hakim stayed in Syria. Khalid bin Saeed sent her the proposal of marriage. She accepted the proposal, but said that the marriage should be held after the war against the Byzantines was over. Khalid bin Saeed said that be had a feeling that he was not going to survive the battle, and as such be wanted the marriage to be held immediately. Thereupon Umm Hakim gave her consent and the marriage was celebrated.

The marriage was consummated in the military camp at Marj-al-Saffar outside Damascus. The next day Khalid bin Saeed went to fight and he was martyred. The tent of Umm Hakim was surrounded by the enemy. Though dressed in bridal clothes, Umm Hakim showed great presence of mind. She plucked the poles from the camp, and struck to death all the Byzantine soldiers who attempted to seek admittance to the camp. In the resultant confusion she escaped and sought safety in the midst of the Muslim forces.

Then she returned to Madina. She was a cousin of Umar and Umar condoled with her over the deaths of Ikrama and Khalid b. Saeed. Umar was much impressed with her heroism in killing nine Byzantine soldiers with the poles of the tent at the time when she was dressed as a bride.

Umar saw that she was feeling disconsolate. Umar proposed marriage and after some consideration Umm Hakim accepted the proposal. Umar and Umm Hakim were married in the third year of the caliphate of Umar.

Of Umm Hakim, Umar had a daughter who was named Fatima.