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The Islamic World
The Islamic World

Khalifa Uthman bin Affan - Back to Madina

After the conquest of Makkah, Madina rose in importance. Heretofore it was a city of the Muslims whose sphere of influence was limited. After the conquest of Makkah, Madina became the capital of Arabia. Delegations started pouring in into Madina from all parts of Arabia, and the pace of conversion to Islam received a tremendous acceleration.

To Uthman the conquest of Makkah and Taif were of particular significance. He had considerable property at Makkah and Taif and he could now profitably develop it. He was also able to set up sub-offices of his business concern at Makkah and Taif.

The joy of Uthman at the conquest of Makkah and Taif was overshadowed by his grief at the death of his wife Umm Kulthum the third daughter of the Holy Prophet. Umm Kulthum died soon after the conquest of Makkah. The Holy Prophet led the funeral prayer. The Holy Prophet asked the Muslims to marry their daughters to Uthman. He said that if he had forty daughters, he would have married them to Uthman one after the other


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