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The Islamic World
The Islamic World

Story of Prophet Adam

Long, long ago, Allah announced to the Angels and Jinn that He would create human beings to worship Him and live on the earth:
“I am going to place my Khalifah (deputy or agent,) on earth.” (2:30)
The angels asked, “Will You place therein someone who will make mischief and shed blood, while we praise You and glorify You?” (2:30)
Allah replied, “Surely I know what you do not know.” (2:30).
The angels were silent.
Allah informed the angels, “I am about to create a mortal being (Bashar,) from clay. When I have fashioned him and given him life, you must prostrate before him.” (38:71—72)
Allah created Adam from clay and gave him the best of forms. He then commanded the angels and Jinn to prostrate before Adam.
The angels obeyed; they never disobey Allah. But Iblis, who was one of the Jinn (18:50), refused to prostrate. Allah asked, “What prevented you from prostrating before that which I have created?” Iblis replied, “I am better than him. You have created me from fire hut him You created from clay.” (7:12; 1 5:32—33) His pride led him to disobey Allah.
Allah then said, “Get out of here. You are an outcast. My curse is on you till the Day of Judgment.” (1 5:34—35)
Iblis vowed to misguide Adam and his children (7:14—18) But, as you know, Allah has given man knowledge and guidance to distinguish between right and wrong to avoid being misguided.
Allah taught Adam some names and asked the angels to say those names (2:31).The angels said, “Glory to You, we do not know more than YOU have taught us. Surely You are All-Knowing and the Most Wise.” (2:31) Allah then asked Adam to say those names, and he did so (2:33).
Turning to the angels, Allah said, “Did I not tell you that I know everything that is in the earth and the heavens and I also know whatever you disclose and whatever you hide?” (2:33)
Allah then asked Adam to live in al-Jannah (Paradise). He had everything to enjoy. But he was alone. So, Allah created Hawwa’ (Eve) as his wife. Now; Adam was happy and living in al-Jannah.
Allah said to Adam, “Live with your wife in al-Jannah. Eat freely whatever you like in here. But do not go near that tree.” (2:35).This was intended to test them and teach them self—control. Allah also wanted to see whether they used the knowledge given to them to save themselves from the tricks of Iblis.
Iblis was trying hard to misguide Adam and Hawwa’. At last, he succeeded and tempted them to go to that tree. As soon as they approached the forbidden tree, Adam and Hawwa realized they were naked. Until then, they did not know what nakedness was. They had no cause to be ashamed of it. But now they felt ashamed. They tried to cover themselves with leaves and tried to hide. But there was nowhere they could hide from Allah, the All-knowing.
Adam and Hawwa’ asked Allah’s forgiveness and it was granted. They prayed:
“Our Lord, we have wronged ourselves, and if You do not forgive us and grant us mercy, surely we shall he losers.” (7:23)
Allah then commanded Adam and Hawwa to go down to earth and live there. He was very kind and taught them the way to seek forgiveness
He also told them that He would send guidance for them, so that they would not deviate from the Right Path.
Allah revealed guidance to Adam and he was made the first prophet on earth. There are important lessons for us to learn in this story.


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