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The Islamic World

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Ekim 20th, 2015

Who are uncles of Prophet Muhammad?

The Prophet's paternal uncles are the offspring of ‘Abdul-Mutallib ibn Hashim. These are:

Abu Talib. His mother was Fatima al-Quraishiya daughter of ‘Amr ibn Makhzum. She was the mother of the Prophet's father ‘Abdullah and also the mother of Zubair and of all daughters of ‘Abdul-Mutallib. Called “al-Mumalliq’, he undertook the guardianship of the Prophet (s.a.w). He was son of ‘Abdul-Mutallib.

Ocak 10th

Prophet Yahya (John)

Prophet Yahya (John)

Prophet Jesus

Prophet Isa (Jesus)

Aralık 9th, 2014

Aralık 22nd